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Middle Eastern Spice Blend in Olive Oil

The exquisite flavors of Mama's Earth Za'atar blend are crafted from premium thyme, sumac, and roasted sesame seeds blended in olive oil, free from wheat or fillers.

Embraced in Middle Eastern cuisine and gaining popularity in Western recipes, Za'atar is a versatile spice blend with a range of uses.

  • Traditionally enjoyed on flatbread, Za'atar adds a distinctive touch to various dishes.
  • Enhance the taste of chicken, beef, lamb, and fish by using it as a flavorful rub.
  • Elevate roasted vegetables with a sprinkling of this aromatic spice blend.
  • Infuse dressings and marinades with the unique essence of Za'atar.
  • Indulge in its simplicity by spreading it on pita bread for a delightful burst of flavor.
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